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Inversion Femme

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INVERSION Femme is the first all-in-one nutritional "anti-ageing" supplement for skin, hair, nails and figure.

INVERSION Femme is an "anti-ageing" food supplement which, in one product, slows down the effects of time on the skin (wrinkles and dryness), the hair (thinning), the nails (appearance and brittleness) and has an extra benefit for slimming the figure.

Inversion Femme comprises of:

Red capsules to be taken in the morning containing:
Vitamin C, Aqueous Extract of green tea, natural Betacarotene, Zinc, Selenium, Chromium and Borage Oil (Omega 6).

Silver capsules to be taken in the evening containing:
Shark cartilage, Grape Extract, Vitamins B2, B5, B6, B8 Copper, Iron and fish oil (Omega 3)

Simple and Easy Instructions:
  • 2 red capsules should be taken in the morning (with breakfast).
  • 1 silver capsule should be taken in the evening.
  • Recommended for women 35+ (except during pregnancy)

A major nutraceutical innovation protected by patent. The formula of INVERSION® Femme was developed with the assistance of leading French scientists in the field of anti-ageing. The challenge was to offer women all the supplements necessary to slow down the effects of ageing in three areas: skin, hair and nails, with one extra benefit on the control of the weight, all in one product.