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Igia Seated Resistance Trainer

Igia Seated Resistance Trainer

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Transform your chair into a powerful workout station with the Igia Seated Resistance AbSculptor Trainer. This at-home exercise device offers a comprehensive workout experience, featuring a backrest for spine alignment, two resistance bands, and a 6-week meal plan with a nutritional guide. Join Phil Tyne's 3-minute and advanced workouts for a complete fitness routine.

🏋️ Key Features:

  • Backrest for spine alignment during workouts
  • Two resistance bands for added intensity
  • 6-week meal plan and nutritional guide
  • Phil Tyne's 3-minute and advanced workouts
  • Audible feedback with a clicking sound for correct crunches
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Fits against your favorite chair for convenient workouts
  • Assembled and requires no electricity or batteries

💪 Benefits:

  • Convenient at-home workouts
  • Engages core muscles for effective ab sculpting
  • Comfortable seating position
  • Lightweight and easy to store under the bed or couch

🍽️ Includes:

  • 6-week meal plan
  • Nutritional guide
  • Phil Tyne's 3-minute and advanced workouts

🪑 Compatibility:

  • Fits against most chairs for versatile use

🚀 Start Your AbSculptor Journey Today - No Electricity or Batteries Required! 🚀